"My strategy has always been to give people just enough of me, then pull back. That way, they'll want more." - Keith Sweat

To celebrate the launch of Street Sketchbook: Journeys, Thames and Hudson are proud to present a show of sketches and artworks by all 30 artists featured in the book. Hosted at Pictures on Walls gallery space in London, work by the following artists will be on display:

Daniel Acosta (MEXICO) Daniel Berman (MEXICO) Uriel Marin (MEXICO) Rene Almanza (MEXICO) Bastardilla (COLOMBIA) Stinkfish (COLOMBIA) Thais Beltrame (BRAZIL)
Blast (MEXICO) Losdelaefe (MEXICO) Lastrecaleveras (MEXICO) Charquipunk (CHILE)
Dhear (MEXICO) News (MEXICO) Dran (FRANCE) Interesni Kaski - Aec & Waone (UKRAINE) Neuzz (MEXICO) Otecki (POLAND) Ripo (USA) Roa (BELGIUM) Run (ITALY) Sam3 (SPAIN)
Saner (MEXICO) Sego (MEXICO) Smithe (MEXICO) Tinho (BRAZIL) T*Freak (BRAZIL)
Basco Vazko (CHILE) Vhils (PORTUGAL)

The show will continue for continue for two weeks, open 11am - 5pm Monday to Friday

Signed books will be available on the opening evening on 1 October and throughout the exhibition.

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